Perseverance is the key to success

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.” JK Rowling.

As a women Entrepreneur, I have seen people setting up their goals as a start of every years. Making a To-do list about what all they would like to achieve in this new year. The energy and the amount of thought they put to plan out the year is incredible. But, as the months start to pass by the same energy tends to take a negative exponential curve.

Why do this happen?

  • People nowadays are been bored of their monotonous work and always look for an opportunity of change which may result into some excitement in their life, but they don’t want to keep working towards the change.
  • Excitement of a new part of work at the start is at peak but as the time passes they tend to think the same new work as a monotonous work and may not keep up the same dedication and consider it as a failure.

The main reason for such failure is the lack of faith and perseverance to the work. Perseverance act like a placebo to our mind, if we have made up our mind that whatever the result might be “I won’t give up!”. This will release a large amount of dopamine in out body which always help to keep going.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”
– Winston Churchill

As my Blog’s are about my personal experience, I would like a share a short story of my life that happened a week back, where perseverance helped me to gain success.

I have started my LinkedIn profile few years back with the same motto as every other person has, to get connected to industrial people and have multiple connection with people around the world. With the same enthusiasm, I used to follow many pages and like and comment on the similar convicted people. Even I used to post multiple contents related to pharmacy field(as it is my major) and my achievement to my page assuming that people with react and applaud the same. But, lamentably I would end up in disappointment. As, I was always determine that it will take time but if I continue to keep working and doing whatever I’m suppose to do, I’ll definitely attain success at the end. As you see the below 2 images from my LinkedIn account are having difference of 1 years, if you compare you will find that the applauds that I get today is 200% higher of what I got a year back.

So, Yes I attained success in the end but it took my 1 years of perseverance to attain this. It was 19th March, 2021 when I finally achieved the applaud that I wish to have a year back. It just took 5hrs to jump the post view from 440 to 24000 and above.

This seems to a small examples but it really explained me the value of perseverance in each and everyone’s life. We all go through many such situation in our life but if we all have the dedication to never give up, we can achieve milestones in life. And you can too, Education, family background or money should never hinder you from reaching your dream. Perseverance is the key that can open the door to your dreams.  Even lottery winners had to persevere until they win that one lottery for life.

So, here are 5 reason why perseverance is the major key which will unlock the success you deserve:

  • Perseverance develops motivation
  • Perseverance develops self-confidence
  • Perseverance develops Placebo
  • Perseverance develops consistency
  • Perseverance heightens dicipline

You have all the ability to overcome the most incredible odds and become what you dream of becoming.  Perseverance in a nutshell, is simply holding on after other people have given up and then waiting for things to happen.

Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place – that is, the unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have perseverance to realize the great life. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Published by sandhyavaishya23

Young women CEO, Finance PGDM, CMA inter cleared, MBA IN IB.

6 thoughts on “Perseverance is the key to success

  1. So happy to see young people understanding their job responsibilities.
    Very positive thoughts from this blog.
    Love from kaula Lumpur, Malaysia
    Keep Growing my child.

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